Hurricane Giveaway!

So Irene is gone, though her effects are still being felt up and down the East Coast. On this sunny cool morning, I’m feeling so relieved that Irene wasn’t more awful that I thought a giveaway was in order to celebrate her passing. I’m giving away some nice nice sock yarn and a free sock pattern.

Here’s a beautiful skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn (based in Barton, Vermont! Yee haw! Go, Northeast Kingdom of Vermont!), 420 yards of superwash merino. Colorway is Champlain Sunrise – beautiful deep red, magenta, blue, orange.

I’ll also email you a copy of either the Momogus Knits Easy Toe-Up Socks or Momogus Knits Twisty Toe-Up Tube Sock pattern – y0ur choice.

Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page and let me know your most interesting hurricane experience, and I’ll pick a winner at random. Mine was not particularly interesting (thank God!) but it was kind of sweet: because our house is surrounded by big old trees (two of which have crashed down and just missed our house already this year), my husband and I decided it would be prudent to all sleep downstairs in the living room. So we blew up an air mattress and my son got in his sleeping bag, and we all got cozy and listened to the rain and fell asleep. It was fun, though we did have to take shelter in the basement once when there was a tornado warning for our area, which was spooky. And for you readers out west who missed all the Irene fun, any interesting weather experience will do!

17 thoughts on “Hurricane Giveaway!

  1. Kath – would have been happy to send some rain your way – if only I knew how!

    WarPony – HA HA HA!!! I love a Hurricane – but only in a glass!

    Thimble – “Ike lights” – love! As someone who’s vacationed in Vermont for the past 13 years, I’m heartsick too. Hope your family and hometown are okay.

    Laura – so glad you’re okay! The images from Brattleboro are surreal. We were just there 2 weeks ago – it’s hard to fathom what I’m seeing in those videos. Glad your daughter’s okay.

    Denise – glad you’re okay there in Michigan – I remember those drills too!

  2. We are in the Mount Washington Valley of NH. Some of our communities lost homes to the raging rivers coming off the mountains. We were lucky- our field filled with water like a bathtub and crossed our driveway and deposited our old treehouse in the middle of the field on the highest mound of land. No water or damage to the house. feeling so fortunate. Daughter lives just outside of Brattleboro VT which was devastated! She also is fine. The power of Mother Nature is incredible!

  3. I experienced the leftovers of Hurricane Ike 3 years ago, here in Kentucky, heavy winds, no power for a week, glad we had a wood stove, even though it was Sept. I would fire it up and make dinner! I collected branches from my lawn and fashioned square candle holders, set a glass votive holder and candle in the middle, and gave to family and friends! I named them “Ike lights”.
    I am a native of Vermont, and my heart is breaking for them…if I win, I will knit the pair of socks and send to someone in Vermont that lost their home!
    Thank you!

  4. Luckily the only hurricane experiences I have involve watching the news coverage on TV. Oh, and drinking a cocktail called a Hurricane. šŸ™‚

  5. My hurricane experience was praying that it go south and hit Texas, we need the rain, the north east definitely didn’t. Praying for all those effected :/

  6. Pam – wowee – what a story! How scary that must have been for all of you!!

    Bobbird – “Little” Category 1 Irene was scary enough for me – I can’t imagine what it was like for you to be in the middle of a Category 4 hurricane!

    Glad we’re all okay now!!

  7. We were in Punta Gorda, Fl for hurricane Charley in 2004. It was a category 4 and very violent. We watched it rip the neighbor’s roof off next door and push in the garage doors at the fire house across the street. At the height of the wind, you could feel the outside wall in the bedroom pulsate with the fury outside. When it was all over all the leaves had been stripped off all the trees in the back yard.

  8. My daughter and 2 granddaughters went to spend 2 weeks in Japan with her husband/their dad. As the plane was about to land Japan experienced an earthquake followed by the sunami. Our son in law was waiting for them at the airport. Their plane was rerouted to an airforce base. I will shorten this story (and, believe me there’s a lot more) and tell you my girls were on that plane for 31 hours. And when they did get off SIL wasn’t there. They couldn’t get ahold of him by phone immediately either. A couple of phone calls to me, and some status reports on FB helped get them to where they needed to be. It was one of the longest weekends in my life. (He had taken a train to try to meet them at the second airport the were rerouted to. Eventually they met up at the 3rd airport.

  9. Mel – your snow melted in the middle of MAY?! yikes!!

    Annj – that must have been something to see!

    DeeDee – NY/VT got pummelled by the rain – good thing you didn’t float away into Lake Champlain!

    Mrs. T – No power for 2 weeks?! At least your husband had his priorities straight!! Good on him!

    Elizabeth – being cooped up with a teenager (or preteen) was almost scarier than the 125 mph wind!!

    Anon – You had a cozy hurricane!!

    Kim – Cliff Lee gym bag?! I’m jealous!!!

  10. My husband, two boys and I were 4 of the 12,000 or so optomistic Phillies fans who actually showed up on Saturday to see the 1:05 game. Bad news? Game cancelled. Good news? Cliff Lee gym bags in hand for the start of school. My 6 year old was so depressed – two whole days with no Phillies? Now that Irene is gone he’ll get 33 games in 31 days. Oh boy!

  11. Being in the Boston area we had to wait and watch Irene move up along the coast in what seemed like an indeterminable length of time. I ran around 2 days before to “get ready” and was so excited to stay in and knit all day on Sunday just watching the wind and the rain.I love it when I give myself permission to just knit- what a treat when work is not calling.

  12. I have no interesting stories from Hurricane Irene, and I am very happy about that. We got ready, I bought some canned stuff just in case (donated it to the food bank today), gave our neighbor some batteries. . .the only unusual thing was that we set the alarm for every two hours so we could make sure the power was still on and the sump pumps were doing their job. And they did. Made for a very groggy Sunday. We didn’t lose power for even 5 minutes — but my daughter was 100% convinced she was going to drop dead of boredom.

  13. We sat out Hurricane Ike in SE Texas a few years ago, as English folks it was our first one and I was amazed at how long it went on for, hours and hours, we had no damage but many trees down and no power for 2 weeks. Hubby ‘rigged’ me a light with a camping torch and car battery so I could knit in the evening, bless him!

  14. I was astonished how quickly the rain fell although I expected the wind. It was an interesting experience in a camper on the edge of Lake Champlain!

  15. I live in Kentucky where 3 yrs. ago Hurricane Ike came up through the South and Midwest. My neighborhood had no power, so my neighbors moved the gas grill, kitchen table and living room furniture to the front yard and basically lived there for 4 days!

  16. Weather is fairly predictable in the inland northwest. The last few years, though, we have had lots of snow, after many years of not so much snow. Two years ago, it started snowing one day in late January and just didn’t stop for a few days. The roads were horribly rutted for weeks. It hung on for a long time.The last of the snow finally melted in the middle of May.

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