Warm Hats, Warm Hearts Update

All those fingers out there must have been FLYING! In this post, I wrote about Warm Hats, Warm Hearts, an organization that was gathering handknit winter accessories for victims of August’s horrible flooding in Vermont.

Here’s what I sent them this week:

That’s 32 beautiful hats, 2 pairs of beautiful mittens and 2 beautiful scarves (and one cat who refused to give up prime space on the couch)! Thank you so much to all who contributed (I’m looking at you, Dana, Leslie, Andrea, Kate M., Kate J., Joe, Kelly, Nick H., Mary, Barbara, Alice, and Patty – you all rock!) – there are going to be some warm, happy people in Vermont thanks to you!

If you have items to send, here is the address again:

Warm Hats, Warm Hearts
c/o India Tresselt
251 Huntley Road
Westford, VT 05494

And also, if you’d like to make a simple children’s cap, leave your email address in the comments and I’ll send you a free copy of the Momogus Knits Easy Children’s Cap pattern.

3 thoughts on “Warm Hats, Warm Hearts Update

  1. Not sure what my cat would think of your cat… Thanks for all these wonderful knits! I’ll be watching for the box.

    For anyone who is still knitting for WHWH, I will be collecting through the end of November, which should leave me time to get everything distributed by Christmas. Thanks!

  2. Ha ha, Elizabeth! Believe me, there are times when I’d like to ship her off to Vermont in a box. She’d probably like it, though.

  3. Wait — you sent her the cat? Didn’t realize they needed those too. My sister and I (you know her) sent a combined 5 pairs of socks, 5 pairs of mittens, and 3 hats a couple of weeks ago.

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