What I’m Knitting

Here’s what’s on the needles these days. Gift time is ramping up, so I can’t show you everything (because some recipients read this blog – you know who you are….), but Momogus Knits Industries is chugging away.

Look at this uninspiring piece of red chunky weight garter stitch:

This will become a Child’s Easy Wrap Poncho – next pattern on the Momogus Knits Patterns conveyor belt. There’s an adult version as well, with a more interesting stitch pattern. Ponchos are getting popular again, and I love the idea of them, but I can’t get with the Brady Bunch look. These ponchos are simply a long rectangle seamed on to its own edge. Because you can wear them with the point forward or sort of draped off to one side, they’re a little more versatile and (I think) better-looking.

These Mighty Mukluks just came off the needles in a frenzy. I’m teaching a class on them in January and wanted to take them out for a spin.

They’re awesome. It’s a little unwieldy and uncomfortable knitting chunky weight yarn on a #7 needle, but not enough to dissuade me from making more. I also added a 2nd sole to the bottom of each for comfort. I just followed the sole directions, made a 2nd sole and added it to the bottom of the completed mukluk with a 3-needle bindoff.

Here’s a project that feels like it will be on the needles FOREVER (but it’s actually only been a year):

This is the Two Hearts Pullover, from one of my favorite books of all time, Lisa Lloyd’s A Fine Fleece. The yarn is Berroco Vintage. It’s a beautiful pattern and not unenjoyable, but all of those cables switch on every other row and it’s quite time-consuming. I pull it out and chug away at it for a couple of days every month. I’m almost up to the armholes. Someday it will be finished……

And now, my most obsessive current obsession, courtesy of this book:

I am a sucker for kooky fussy patterns, and here are 55 of them! I’ve made two balls – each took one satisfying day – and I can see myself obsessively working through the book because I like every one of the patterns.

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  1. Jeff – That Christmas stocking is going to be demented! In a good way! (saw progress picture on Ravelry) Not to enable you, but I highly recommend the Christmas Balls book – they’re addictive!

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