Happy Leap Day! And A Giveaway!

I was watching “30 Rock” the other day; they had a show about Leap Day and how you should do something completely different every February 29. Though of course the show is a comedy, I thought that was a great idea.

I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do differently today, but I thought for festivity’s sake, I’d do a GIVEAWAY! Here’s two pairs’ worth of yummy sock yarn and a free copy each of Easy Toe-Up Socks or Twisty Toe-Up Tube Socks.

Spirit Trail Fiberworks “Autumn Leaves” on left; Koigu KPPPM “P107B” on right; slightly disgruntled cat “Funny” in center (not included)

Leave a comment here or on Facebook about what your Leap Day activity might be today and also which yarn/pattern combo you’d like. I’ll have my impartial judge (who, being born on March 2, 2000, was almost a Leap Day baby!) pick two winners at random.

Happy Leap Day!

19 thoughts on “Happy Leap Day! And A Giveaway!

  1. I asked a man to marry me today, waiting for his answer. I would pick Koigu KPPPM “P107B” in the toe up sock and this would be the first pair of socks for me. I knitted one sock but not a pair yet.

  2. Pam – I’m a big believer in “one for you, one for me”!

    momtodjc – congrats on your first pair of socks! enjoy that precious time with your grandson!

    melanee – you sound like the GREAT librarian! your story made me laugh out loud!

    karen – i’m so sorry about your dog!!! that is the saddest. hope your knitting soothes you. Veera’s designs are spectacular.

    quiltermary – that sounds like the perfect day!

  3. I’m working on a cardigan in a beautiful variegated speckled blue yarn from Nimu yarns and a pattern from Veera Valimaki. Unfortunately I won’t be able to keep it for myself since it a commission. Not really anything different but knitting is the best way to spend any day. I like the Koigu KPPPM “P107B” and would love to use it to make my first pair of toe up socks. Just had one of my dogs put to sleep on Sunday so will take the cat if you change your mind. Karen

  4. I walked out backwards when we had a firedrill at school this morning just to see the strange looks the kids gave me ( I’m the mean librarian that tells them to be quiet all the time. lol)

  5. I’m going to try to finish the 2nd sock of a pair (my very first pair) of socks today along with taking care of my grandson today! I would LOVE me some sock yarn now that I have figured out how to make aa sock. I’m making the pair I’m working on out of worsted weight. They didn’t turn out so bad either!

  6. Dana – nothing beats a pair of handknit socks!!

    Jodi – that sounds like the nicest day possible!

    Elizabeth – you’re like me – I can’t quite come up with something different, which may be the problem! Idnet, indeed!

    Mrs Tightwad – congrats, retroactively!

    Kim – delicious day! Enjoy your shows!

    Karen – I’m jealous of your snow! We never got any here around Philadelphia!

  7. Happy Leap Day to you.
    My day is going to be knitting on socks and waiting for the snow we are going to get.
    I love either color and the toe-up
    socks I would love to try.
    thankyou so much.

  8. Happy Leap Day!! Husband just left for Seattle so it’s just me & the boys… and after they go to bed I can catch up on my shows!! Oh boy!

  9. Well, I’m never ever going to try bungee jumping, so it can’t be that. . . cleaning house, although rare, is not new. . .casting on a pair of socks is hardly new (although looking at all the size 1 needles currently being held hostage, casting on a pair that is NOT blue might qualify); already married, sot hat won’t work; um, you know, I just can’t decide. I’ll let you know at the end of the day. Have a great one. . .

    (One of my captcha words is “idnet” – Freud meets Facebook!)

  10. My day will consist of vegging and knitting, while listening to the rainy day thats going on outside my window!

    I like the twisty toe up sock pattern and the Koigu KPPPM “P107B” yarn.

  11. Kath – is it your 24th anniversary or your 6th? Ha ha! In any case, congrats and have a wonderful day!

    Anonymous – I need a way to get in touch with you in case you win! Please leave your name or an email address. I loved those quotes!!

    Abbie – CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s a story for your grandkids!!

  12. Leap Day is also Sadie Hawkins Day! My love is away on business and so I had to TEXT him, complete with hearts and flowers “Will you marry me?” and yes said YES!!

  13. Happy Leap Day to you, too! I read something really good and decided that for today I was really going to try to live it to the max… and I’m hoping it will keep on being a good mantra all the days after today, too!

    Be bold in thought. Be kind with words. Be meaningful through actions.
    -Melissa Atkins Wardy

    I put these profound words up at school today… maybe it will inspire a few other fab-o leap days, too!

    Autumn Leaves and Easy Toe-Up Socks would be my preferred combo. Fingers Crossed “Leap WIlliam” strikes!

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