Weird Knitting…

My tendinitis is still killing me, but I have these occasional glorious windows of painlessness where I try to squeeze a bit of knitting in.  Weirdly, in the middle of all this cold and snow here outside Philadelphia, I’m positively craving grey. Yes, grey. Not rich deep red or lively yellow or gorgeous purple, but grey. All shades of grey.

So here’s what I knit last weekend:

"Aren't we soothing?"

Accelerating Stripes Mitts from Churchmouse Yarns, knit in Regia Angora Merino in 2 shades of grey. According to the pattern, the stripes are supposed to get narrower and narrower toward the top, but I liked how the initial 5-row stripes looked, so I just kept them that way. Unfortunately, it’s too cold to wear fingerless gloves right now, but I can’t wait to wear these when the weather warms up a smidge.