Valentine’s Day Knitting

Happy February, everyone! Time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. As an old fogey, this time of year I like to think about everyone I love, not just that good fellow I so luckily ended up with. Also, I love holiday-themed knitting!valentine cat

Here is some Valentine’s Day knitting I’ve dipped into in the past, not for my true valentine (who wouldn’t appreciate them anyway), but for my 2 sweet sisters and some lovely lady friends, all of whom I would like to shower with heart-themed knitting.

These are Heartfelt, by Norah Gaughan. I actually made these as Christmas ornament gifts for friends a couple of years ago. I loved these. Felting is fun!

That’s a lot of hearts.

This is the lovely Mitered Heart Sachet. Fussypants knitting at its finest! I actually enjoyed these tremendously and taught a class in them. As fussy as they are, we all had a blast, and they actually knit up pretty quickly. Great way to use up leftover sock yarn (of which I have buckets). The pattern used to be available on Interweave Knits’ website, but alas it is not now. I have the PDF and will happily email it to you if you leave me a comment.
mitered heart sachet

Here’s a heart-shaped dishcloth, which is a much quicker (and admittedly, more useful) knit. Pattern is free on Ravelry:
heart dishcloths

Finally, in honor of my friend Cheryl, who loves intarsia (unlike moi) and taught this Intarsia Heart Mug Cozy class for years so I didn’t have to, here is another useful, pretty, free pattern:
heart mug cozy

There are a SLEW of Valentine’s and heart related patterns over at Ravelry.  And of course, as I always say, if you’re not a member of Ravelry, go join now. It’s free and it’s the best resource for knitters that ever was.

Celebrate love!