New Pattern Developing….

Full disclosure – I am addicted to stripes. Striped sweaters, striped scarves, striped hats – you name it.   So recently, when I was up in Vermont, I stopped by Handknits in Brattleboro and picked up some colors of Fibre Company’s Acadia for a pattern I had brought with me for vacation knitting.  But it turned out too fussy, and after 1400 froggings, I said, hrmph, I’ll come up with one of my own.

I had some particulars in mind:

  1.  garter stitch – stockinette is too much trouble with its ding-dang curling
  2.  4-row stripes.  Two-row stripes are too fussy, and working yarn gets too tangled
  3.   a chevron shape – I see the herringbone and rick-rack patterns, and they’re cool, but I wanted a more streamlined look
  4.   multiple colors – because a generous-size scarf with just 2 colors was going to be a slog.  I took inspiration from DreaKnits’ Find Your Fade and had the colors gently transition

Here’s with three colors going (missed taking a picture with just two):

Here’s with four colors going:







And here’s where I am today (five colors going):







I have one more color to add – an ivory that will finish with the lightest brown that’s going now.   I’m happy with it, and it’s a fun knit.  More updates to come.