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Snow Day Knitting

Like everybody in the Northeast, we are experiencing a seemingly never-ending cycle of snow storms, school delays, snow days and power outages. I work at a school, which is not the same one my son attends, so there is a whole other layer of excitement when school closings are announced. Today I had a snow day and my son did not. That is weird.

Now of course any knitter worth his or her salt will seize the opportunity to have some snuggly snow-day knitting projects lined up, and I am no exception. In keeping with my New Year’s Re-Energization to knit up my handspun, I knocked this out:
Quaker Yarn Stretcher

Quaker Yarn Stretcher by Susan Ashcroft. Easy and perfect for handspun. This allowed me to use every inch of 220 yards of superwash Corriedale from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club. This colorway was “Sundown”, and the fiber was fractal spun (I split the fiber in half lengthwise, then spun one half from end to end, and broke the other half into 4 parts and spun them end to end in the same color order, then plied the two halves together).

I love this pattern – honestly, these are not my colors in any way, shape or form (the double-edged sword of the automatic shipment of a fiber club), so I think this fiber was languishing because it didn’t appeal to me visually.  But I love this scarf – I would definitely wear this. Highly recommend. Thank you, Susan Ashcroft!

My other snow day project was a pair of cozy socks. This is my Easy Toe-Up Sock pattern, in Limbo Color yarn, on size 4 magic loop needles. I love dk weight sock yarn – still very wearable as socks, but it knits up so much more quickly. I am in serious love with this yarn, as evidenced by these, which are my favorite handknit socks.